Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One Week

It has been one week, almost to the minute, since we left here for surgery. I'm home, with the word that it was benign, feeling like sitting upright and writing. I can only attribute that to the power of prayer, medical miracles and the skill of people willing to share their wisdom. I am astonished at how good I feel overall, here just a week out.

Last week when we left to go to the hospital, there was an ice storm underway. I'll tell you a sight I will never forget that morning. I was sitting in the car in the driveway, warming it up before taking off, and thinking we would be the only people on the road. Then, in my rearview mirror, while I'm bundled up in my big winter coat, hat and gloves, I see a truck gliding by on the street in front of my house. As I sat there, the tail lights from my car illuminated the logo for Releaf Landscapes on Sharon's truck. She had come over to follow us to Wichita, just in case we had some sort of difficulty, and to wait with Greg.

It's a special category of friend who will follow you on an hour's drive in an ice storm beginning at 3:40 in the morning, knowing the day is stretching out ahead and could be filled with trauma. I haven't even known Sharon very long, and yet she was there with me for days after surgery, aiding me in many different ways. She was truly an angel of mercy in this whole thing. She took some of the pressure off Greg, too, and that was wonderful.

I knew she was planning to wait with Greg that day, but didn't realize she was driving over with us. I assumed Greg had called her that morning to tell her of our preparations, but he hadn't. She had known the time we were planning to leave and had just shown up.

One thing that has been a repeated message for me through this experience is how important it is to "show up." Mark, Carl and Kris just "showed up" with food. Ann just showed up at the hospital the day of surgery. Visitors showed up, cards showed up, flowers showed up, prayers showed up. I need to make sure I always show up in the future.

I may not have a beautiful green leafed logo that glides by in the pre-dawn darkness on an icy morning, lit only by tail lights, but I can show up, nonetheless.
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Anonymous said...

Clearly Patsy you are much loved, all these wonderful angels that accompanied you on this, what could have been a very traumatic journey, were there for you uinconditionally. As one of your faithful readers, I checked in on you during your stay in hospital and very much appreciated the updates provided by one of those angels. Have a speedy and non eventful recovery, which I'm sure you will, I am convinced that good thins DO happen to good people. Fare well Patsy and keep blogging.


Cynthia said...

Patsy, I am so glad you are home. Home is really the best place to be I always say! I wish that Wichita wasn't half a day away from me or you would have shown up too. I was with you in spirit and will continue to be. Call me if you get bored during your convalescence.

Patsy Terrell said...

Thanks, Connie... This has been a journey and I've been blessed along it - not only by those in person in my life but also by those like you who are sharing the experiences from afar. I really debated whether or not to turn the blog into a medical log, but thought it seemed rude to not share this major life experience with folks who've been sharing daily life with me all along. I'm so glad I did!

Patsy Terrell said...

Cynthia... You were there... I got your lovely note and I knew you were with me in spirit - just as many others have been who couldn't possibly be there in person.

"Showing up" is more a reminder to ME - that I need to show up for other people - with a card, note, baked good, visit, whatever. I'm a bit "spotty" about such things and am going to make an effort to do better in the future.