Sunday, July 12, 2009

Looking Out My Back Door

This spring I decided to kill lots of the grass in my backyard so I could plant more flowers and veggies and herbs. I hate mowing the grass, so it seemed like a good thing to do - less grass, more goodies.

So, between my house and garage is largely plants. The mass of green in the middle is pumpkin vines. The flowers are to the left, the herbs to the right, and tomatoes all across the back and behind the herbs.

I've never grown pumpkins before - they are prolific!

I'm hoping more viney things grow up on the fence yet.

For the first time ever I have enough flowers to pick to bring in and have fresh flowers inside all the time. I've been taking some to the office every week to brighten it up in there.

Sharon gave me those salmon colored zinnas, but I grew almost all of these flowers from seed. I'm quite proud of myself for that. I love the verbena and zinnas for cut flowers. The salvia doesn't work well, unfortunately. It wilts almost immediately. But it looks nice in the garden.

I love the hodge-podge, everything growing in a pile, look.

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1 comment:

lillie said...

Lovely. I wish I could look out back at a lush garden. Ours is not doing well at all. I think we need to have a soil sample done, to determine what is needed. Your tomatoes look like trees, and the flowers, herbs, and pumpkins are very healthy looking. Enjoy!