Sunday, January 17, 2010

Harley Elliott and Harley Marshall - Born to be Mild

At the Hutchinson Arts Center Saturday night, poet Harley Elliott and actor/writer Harley Marshall entertained during a program called, "Born To Be Mild."

I don't write any poetry, but I appreciate those who can use the language so well that they can. Last night Harley Elliott used the words "retinue" and "kerfluffle" within the span of a very short time. I challenge you to do that and it make sense.


And he did it all while wearing tennis shoes.

I thought the only way to capture any essence of the evening was to share a few of the phrases. Obviously, these are out of context, but things I found compelling or interesting.

"Doesn't ask you to save the world but believes you will." Harley Elliott

"Grandmothers honored food with their tears." Harley Elliott

"Even hogs have a creation story." Harley Elliott

Harley Elliott mentioned that he didn't know how to turn on a computer and then read a poem I loved that included the following phrase:
"It is quiet back here behind the times." Harley Elliott

Harley Marshall's piece was more of a story, and I didn't get as many quotes written down because I was taking more photos. Always a choice you have to make!

"Nothing but piece of moon bouncing off the water." Harley Marshall

"What is the plot line of your life?" Harley Marshall

It was a really nice evening. I am glad to live in a community that values the arts enough to provide things like this - for free. There was a really good turn out, which was nice.

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