Monday, May 10, 2010

Alice Cooper

We went to see Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie tonight in Wichita. I was the recipient of a ticket that was going to go to waste. I always enjoy Alice. I know, it's not exactly the sort of thing you'd expect from me, but he really puts on a show and I appreciate the extra effort.

Of course, some of Alice's bits are long time favorites and he doesn't disappoint.

Rob Zombie has one of the more interesting stage shows I've seen. I don't have any good photos from the Zombie portion because the lighting was not something my camera liked, so we'll have to make do with Alice-only photos.


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Anonymous said...

Wow how exciting! I didn't even know Alice Cooper was this close to Oklahoma...dang. I just have to share this with ya. Back in the early 90s my brother and his girl friend were at the Eastern Hills Mall in NY and they saw Alice Cooper, apparently he was in town for a concert and my brother walked up and said hello and shook his hand. They got to talking about the music business(Dave was a drummer at time) and Mr. Cooper gave my brother two back stage passes for the upcoming concert. Lucky guy... Dave said he was a real nice guy, really down to earth. I was living in VA at the time...I would have loved to been there. Well, that's awesome that you got to see him live in concert. Take care, talk to ya later~Jules