Friday, May 28, 2010

Scenes from the week

This week started in Ramona as we finished the retreat. Friday before everyone arrived for the retreat I watched a local boy park his bike in the middle of Main Street to go get his dog. The second time he repeated the process I went and took a picture of the bike parked in the road. It wasn't quite as centered in the road as it had been the first time, but you get the idea, obviously.

I'm still in the mood for quiet these days. The week hasn't offered a lot of opportunity for that since I returned home. Looking at this photo I can put myself right back on the porch in Ramona.

Early this week a friend sent me these flowers. The second I looked at them I thought, "I LOVE orange flowers. Why do I not have any orange flowers growing?" Of course, I think this brilliant orange is hard to come by. But it's beautiful. I love that bright, clear, intense color. Just gorgeous.

In many ways I'm really, really good at treating myself well. But occasionally something like this comes up and I wonder why I am not enjoying something I like so much on a regular basis.

Thursday I did a social networking presentation to local arts organizations. It was a really cool group to be involved with. I love to see people suddenly "get it." When I was preparing for this presentation I realized that just since the last one I'd done a few weeks ago, the landscape had shifted dramatically. Fascinating how quickly things can change.

I hope I'm very productive around the house this weekend. I need to have my house much tidier than it is. When it's a jumble it's harder for me to think clearly. So I hope to accomplish much this weekend.

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