Friday, June 18, 2010

The Day

I picked my second batch of blackberries tonight, including a couple of huge ones. I figure with these couple of cups I've brought the per berry cost down to a little over $2. And, yes, there probably will be more berry pictures because I'm so tickled to have them.

I also discovered tonight that I had fresh raspberries. I planted them a few years ago and they were cut down by a lawn person but came back. Anyway, I got a couple of berries and they were sweet. Maybe there will be more to come this year.

I made a stop at the library on my way home tonight to pick up some research material for a speech I'm planning for next month. I forgot they close at 6 on Friday night now and remembered it just in time to leave work and still get in the library door, but I knew what I wanted to I had time to pick it up. I was struck, as I often am, at what an amazing resource it is to walk into a public library and check out anything you want. Really incredible. For free. I love the internet, but there are times I want some of the filtering done for me and it is when I pick up a well researched book.

Today was a really productive day at work. Sometimes you have those days when things are just zipping around in your brain and falling into place. I had one of those today. When that's happening I feel like I can get about five hours worth of work out of each one. It's good.

I'm hoping that continues all weekend because I have a lot of things I need to get done for various projects I have going. I picked up another freelance writing job today so I need to work on it a bit, in addition to the things I already had on the weekend's agenda. I've learned that I can't let something like that go or I get into trouble when I'm juggling this many things. However, with all the extra jobs going I am making progress on the medical bills, so that's good.

Well, I'm going to get to bed early tonight. It's supposed to be miserably hot tomorrow so I want to get up early and get some of my errands out of the way before the hottest part of the day. I don't think my air conditioning has turned off once since I got home. I'm sure it ran all day, too. I hate the sound of money going down the drain, but I just can't take the heat. And I am very, very grateful to have working air conditioning.

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