Monday, June 14, 2010

Food Coma Caravan

This past weekend was the "Food Coma Caravan," affectionately known as the FCC. It's organized by Carl, who I've dubbed THE Carl - as in, "Follow The Carl," "All Hail the Carl," "The Carl will not lead us astray... he will lead us to good gravy."

Sitting on the bench, left to right: Kris, Mia, Mark
In back, left to right: Greg, Julie, Brian, The Carl, me, Wayne, Hannah

Once or twice a year The Carl plans a trip to a particular area. We stay in locally owned motels and eat at locally owned restaurants. We've been to Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas spots. The Carl tells me they have scoped out some places in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska too. So watch out... we may be headed north next time.

This trip was in the Kansas City area. A number of our group lives there, and it's an easy drive for the rest of us. I was coming back from a week in Kentucky with family so I just went through Kansas City on the way back. It worked out great.

This trip's visit included:
Beethoven's 9th in Paola, Kansas
HAVE DESSERT - that's all I can say - maybe have more than one. They have these GIGANTIC cookies that are $2 each and they are amazing. When I say big I mean they fill a small take out container top to bottom and side to side. They have German food, which isn't my favorite, but I'd go back for the dessert alone. Did I mention you should have dessert? We all had dessert. And we were happy even before then.

Corner Cafe in Independence
Great breakfast. One of my favorite stops this trip. Yummy. And, again, the desserts... oh my... I didn't have any because it was breakfast time but the case displaying the goodies was mouth-watering just to look at. Carl and Kris were having fun with the remains of Mark's psuedo sweet tea.

A bonus was seeing this vintage Rolls Royce in the parking lot.

Steamboat Arabia Museum... GO GO GO... it's so incredibly cool. Five adventurers raised the wreck of the Arabia and show off the recovered treasures in the museum. There are only three museums that have this sort of a display and this is the most extensive.

Real Jalisco
Authentic Mexican food... good stuff... and, again, dessert. The sopapillas are amazing!

Elbow Chocolates - artisan chocolate - what more needs be said

Oklahoma Joe's BBQ - loved by many - we waited over an hour to get in

Glace - an ice cream place owned by the same people as Elbow's - INCREDIBLE flavors - the French Lavendar was my favorite of the three tastes I had

Kris' kitchen - Kris made homemade blueberry buckle for us Sunday morning - sorry, but you gotta know The Carl and The Kris to be invited over for that. Only Mark and I took advantage of it - the others missed out by sleeping in.

Stroud's for fried chicken - it's a classic, it was delicious - family style fried chicken, potatoes and green beans topped off with cinnamon rolls

Of course, the food is great, but the real treat is getting to spend time with friends. I'm so grateful to be included in the group. Really nice folks and a great time.

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