Thursday, July 29, 2010

Full Day

My day started with an opportunity to touch something that flew on the Space Shuttle. How cool is that?

The museum just got a flag that flew on the final mission of Atlantis in May. It's still sealed in the fire retardant bag. And, the funniest part of it all to me - the bag is pink. You've got to love that.

At lunchtime today I did a social media training at the Chamber of Commerce. We had a full room, which was great.

The Social Media Club we've started offered this free training to the community. The Chamber's small business group was interested in it, so we partnered with them to make it happen. It was great to have it in the chamber board room - such a nice comfortable place.

I was so pleased that everyone who had registered for it came. We offered it for free, and one of the difficulties with that is that people sometimes don't take things seriously when they haven't paid for them. But everyone came.

Overall the evaluations were very positive. One person was negative - wanting more step by step instruction - but our goal was to give an overview of the tools and what you can do with them. That step by step process is just not possible without being in a training lab and being totally focused on that to the exclusion of anything else. And you can't do it with this large of a group. Fortunately, I've learned the library is offering just such a class in a couple of weeks, so people can get that there.

But, hopefully, most folks got something valuable out of it. It was a great opportunity for the Social Media Club and for the community.

It's rare for me to donate my time for these trainings since it's one of the consulting jobs I do on the side, but I made an exception because I thought it was just too perfect a chance for all concerned. Maybe when all my medical bills are paid I can do these sorts of donations more often.

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sigerson said...

Have you thought about trying to start social-media classes through the continuing-education arm of Hutch Community College? That way, you could get paid, go through things step-by-step once a week for several weeks and help establish or strengthen a reputation as the expert, "go-to" gal on the subject.