Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Writing

I've been writing almost every day since I was in grade school. I've never quite understood the desire, but cannot ignore it.

My friend, Martha, believes the act of writing every day helps a person define their thoughts and that's part of the reason I'm definitive about most things. I have to admit that often when I'm writing a train of thought occurs to me that I've never considered before. It sometimes leads to insights I don't think I would have had any other way.

At times I drift away from a practice of sitting down with pen and paper and writing something every day, and rely on keyboards and snippets of scrawled notes here and there. It's not the same as sitting down, paper and pen at hand, with the intention of writing your own thoughts down.

Lately I've been serious about doing this and it has given me a new approach to a couple of situations. I seem to need to be reminded of this occasionally.

Duly noted.

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