Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Film makers and birds and computers

It was like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie tonight when we came out of the restaurant. The irony of being with someone who makes films and looking up and seeing hundreds of birds perched on wires was not lost on me.

Steve was up again tonight for dinner. He was here last night, too, but I had creative sisterhood so didn't go out with them last night.

Creative Sisterhood was amazing last night. I had really missed being with everyone. We cancelled last month so it had been awhile since we had gotten together. The conversation left me with many things to ponder. I started taking notes early in the evening. Everyone had something to say that seemed important for me to hear.

Last night after Creative Sisterhood I realized my cable modem had died. I was tempted to just run to Walmart and get one last night but decided I'd wait and do a little shopping.

I called Office Max today to see what they had and they told me they don't sell them any more, to get one from the cable company. Greg had been at Walmart last night and told me what they had. So, after work I went to the cable company and talked to the most helpful woman there.

They're running a deal for modems for a penny for new customers. I appreciate that businesses want new customers, but I always feel put off that they're not as interested in keeping my business. It costs significantly more to gain a new customer than to keep one you already have.

I was very nice, but expressed this to the nice lady I was speaking with and she ended up giving me the modem. She pointed out I'd been a customer since 2002. Needless to say, she made me a very happy customer.

Well, I got home and set it all up and discovered the wireless box was bad, too. So, I went to Office Max to get a new one of those. They had a good one on sale and I had two $10 off coupons. She used both of them so I ended up getting a $99 modem for $59, which was great.

So, finally, everything is all set up and functioning again. I have cables running everywhere. I've never figured out how to prevent that.

In the process of moving things around and setting everything up I found another box of personal business cards. I thought I had more, but couldn't find them. Of course, just this morning I got the email that the new ones I just ordered had shipped. Naturally, it's a new design, so now these seem out of date although all the information on them is correct. I'm sure some purpose for them will present itself.

I'm feeling fun is on the horizon and it's a good feeling. I've been being so diligent about saving money to pay medical bills for more than a year that I've been denying myself. I've decided I simply have to allow myself some amount of fun. To do otherwise is not good for my mental health and as I said at Creative Sisterhood last night, I certainly can't afford that! So, I am going to look for a happy medium. I hope I can find one. "Medium" is not my best thing - I'm pretty much an all or nothing girl. But, I'm going to try and find some middle ground.

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