Monday, August 02, 2010

First Generation of Women to Vote

Tuesday, August 3, is the primary election. Please get out and vote.

I'm the first generation of women in my family born with the right to vote. Yes, the first.

I was born late in my parents' lives, and my mother would be 90 now if she were alive. She was born the year before women got the right to vote. Yes, do the math on that - women have not had the right to vote for even a century yet.

My mother, my grandmother and all the women who came before us had no say in the political process. Obviously, it's incumbent on me to take voting seriously, and I do.

We've come so far in one generation. One of my best friends, Trish Rose, is running for District Judge. I will certainly be voting for her and I hope if you're in Reno County you'll consider a vote for her, too.

The polls are open rom 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow. Exercise your right to vote. People around the world are dying for the chance to have a say in their governments. Don't be so frivilous with something people give their lives for. Vote.

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