Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I have a real need for newness in my life. Not new things, but new ideas, new concepts.

I realized the other night that art is one way I satisfy this urge. I can experiment with materials and techniques and create something new to me.

I love texture and lately I've been playing with ways to emphasize it like in this piece where I've layered color from different sources.

This weekend I bought a book printed in 1935. The yellowing on it is really distinctive and it will make a nice addition to artwork.

All of it add to my sense of new things coming into my life.

I was thinking last night that I'm fortunate to have friends who do interesting things - from Trish who runs for political office to Greg who contributes to the scientific data on cicadas. I know people who make films and make music and write books. I feel rather dull by comparison, but certainly I'm thankful to have interesting people in my world. I'm blessed.

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