Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Back to Normal

Until tonight I had not been out of my house in two days. Saturday night I slept 14 hours - more than double my normal night's sleep - and still felt tired. Sunday I went to bed early and was more tired when I woke up Monday than when I'd gone to bed.

I didn't go to work Monday or Tuesday. I slept many, many hours, and by late afternoon today I started feeling a bit more normal. I can't say I was sick in the traditional sense that I had a cold or flu or anything - but my body was definitely fighting something. Whatever it was, my immune system seems to have kicked it and I'm grateful to be feeling normal again.

Greg and I went out to dinner tonight and drove around looking at lights. I see the world managed to function just fine without me for a couple of days.

I was supposed to teach a blogging class tonight but they cancelled it because most of the interest was in the Saturday class. As it turned out, it was just as well since I wasn't at my best tonight.

I've barely been online the last couple of days. If I owe you email or some other kind of communication, I'll catch up soon.

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