Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dreams and Dreamers

"Transplant yourself into a dreambuilding environment as often as possible. Gather with others who are motivated and proactive."

This was in Barbara Winter's newsletter recently. She has summed up why I'm driven to connect with people who live in this dreambuilding space.

I think my friend, Martha, is the true expert at this. Maybe it's one of the reasons I am never ready for our time together to end. Having people like that in your life, who dream and encourage dreams, is a blessing.

Winters' newsletter also said, "Make idea gathering your favorite hobby. Listen to inspiring speakers and read eloquent authors who have taken a higher path."

I, of course, saw myself in that statement. I'm always looking for interesting tidbits and ideas. They help me see the world in new ways, which I like.


Judith said...

You look AT the golden sunrise,
See dream castles in the mist;
It's the road ahead for you, dear --
Life at its borning best.

-- Dr. H. W. Graves

Patsy Terrell said...

That's a lovely thought, Judith. Thank you.