Monday, January 24, 2011

Catching Up

The last few days were a whirlwind of various activity...

Thursday night I worked on the newspaper rack I'm turning into art. It was Third Thursday downtown so the gallery was open and I could paint. These are just too heavy for me to bring home to my upstairs studio so I have to work on it there.

Friday night I went directly to the Fairgrounds after work to the Mission of Mercy free dental clinic for a job. I wrote about that the other day so you have the details on that. But it was an interesting experience and I'm glad I got to do that. I updated the blog post with the totals from the two days - they were astonishing.

Saturday morning I taught a Social Networking for Business seminar at the library. 

That afternoon I started working on the material from the night before. Then went to Wichita to visit with friends who traveled there for the weekend. It was wonderful to see everyone.

People continue to contribute to the "Send Patsy to the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference" fund. I'm incredibly touched to have heard from multiple blog readers I didn't even know were out there. It's also really cool to hear from friends. Thank you to everyone who has jumped in. I am humbled by your willingness and by the kind things you've shared with me in your notes and emails.

I would never have started anything like that, but Kate just jumped right in. Very sweet. 

Well... I think that's the short version of the last few days. I realized from Thursday evening to Saturday at noon I worked in some art, some writing, and some social networking training. Now, if I could just figure out how to work in some sleep!

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