Friday, February 04, 2011

The day

It's a little after 10 on a Friday night and I'm exhausted. I think the week of cold weather has taken a toll. I've got the local news on and they're talking about more snow.

I don't really mind the cold weather if I can stay in, but of course I couldn't. I had to work. Although we are fortunate that we can wear jeans when it's bad weather, which is really helpful. But at one point this week I was getting out of the car and having to pry myself using the door frame as a brace. I chuckled and realized it was because I was suddenly wearing a heavy coat and boots, and had my briefcase and purse over my shoulder. No wonder.

Yesterday I stopped wearing the boots. It was still messy but I just couldn't face clomping around in them one more day. I took extra socks instead.

Tonight I got home and walked into my office and flipped on the light switch but the light didn't come on. The breaker may be thrown, but it was too dark to go check it tonight. I'm sure my back steps are icy so I'll go look in the daylight tomorrow when I can just walk around the house. I decided I could make do with a lamp tonight. Although I have to get it addressed because I cannot stand being in a darkened room. I like it bright at home. I can't recall what else is on that circuit but I can't locate anything else that's not working. I hope it's just the breaker. If not, I'll need an electrician I suppose.

Well, I am hoping for a good night's sleep. I need some rest. Tomorrow I have to go finish my newspaper rack. It's my last chance to work on it before they unveil them at Third Thursday. I think I'll go get started on that sleep.

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