Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Soul

Periodically I'll hear someone use the phrase "old soul." I've been hearing that since I was very young, and I've never had a sufficient understanding of what it means. I've even used it myself. Maybe it's ubiquitous because we can all place our own definition on it.

Maybe it's just a convenient way to explain away things we are not yet able to comprehend. We have all known people who seem wise beyond their years, have an understanding of things unknown to us, and who see the world in ways we do not. When people are aware of things we don't see, much less understand, we ascribe this title to them.

It's almost as if we understand it when we see it, but we can't explain it. I guess there's much of life that falls into that category. I've certainly known people I consider "old souls." It's always a delight to meet one. They open my mind, and heart, in ways nothing else can.

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