Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome Burden

I was listening to a podcast today and heard James Johnson talking about his father carrying him to a duck blind when he couldn't walk because of a cast on his leg. He said he learned he was a "welcome burden" that day.

That phrase just struck me - "welcome burden." Isn't that what we all want in our lives - people who will welcome us, even when we are a burden?

At times each of us, for one reason or another, often beyond our control, is a burden. We all need to know there are some people in our worlds who will accept us and our burdens without hesitation. That they're ready to be at our sides, regardless of the difficulty involved, helping to carry our burdens.

By the same token, there are times we are willing - even eager - to help others carry their burdens. It doesn't feel like a burden, but an opportunity.

Those relationships are rare. If you have one or two of them in your life, be grateful and go to sleep tonight knowing you are blessed.

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