Friday, June 24, 2011

Notes from a Memory

I've been going through journals, notebooks, letters and other personal papers. The other day I ran across this little notebook that I bought in Paris when on a trip with Matthew. I opened it at random and found this page where we had both written hotel information.

It took me right back to a phone on Rue de Lyon, the Bastille in the background, as Matthew and I pored over the hotel information we had with us to find a new place to stay. We trekked all around the city that day, checking out hotels, and ended up a block away from where we had started that morning. It was one of those moments that pointed out how important your travel partners are - it's good to have someone who will help solve a problem.

I'm sure I have other things with Matthew's handwriting on them, but I was happy to run across this. That's one of the reasons I keep letters, as well as all my journals and notebooks. They are marvelous little bits of history. I feel connected to people through that very personal bit of themselves in their handwriting.

Admittedly, this wouldn't mean anything to anyone else, but it reminds me of a wonderful time in my life with someone whose friendship I treasured. Little did I know when we were comparing notes in the Paris sunshine that we would only have that trip and one more together. Afterwards we drifted apart, but he always remained in my thoughts. I think the same was true for him.

Life gives you amazing moments you don't plan, but remain thankful for. Just a couple of days before this was written I went to meet Matthew at the airport because it was his first trip to Paris. He had been delayed, and would arrive later, but had it not been for Matthew's intended arrival I would have missed walking into the cold, pre-dawn hours with a beautiful, gentle snow falling. As soon as I got outside I knew it was a moment to remember. I soaked it in. I'm grateful.

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