Monday, August 29, 2011

I didn't know I collected Modernism... but apparently I do

The day started with a beautiful view of the mountains bathed in pink. We packed up and then headed off to the Modernism show for the final day.

It ended this afternoon. The show was an eye-opening experience for me because - much to my surprise - apparently I collect all this stuff! Who knew? Certainly not me.

I didn't know that cool things like old costume jewelry pins fell into the category of "modernism." I got two new (old) pins today - cheaply as the day wound to a close. I'm in love with both of them.

There were many other things there I loved, but fortunately, I collected the ones I have when they were $1 or fifty cents at thrift stores when no one cared about them. That's good, because I'd be hard pressed to afford the prices I saw at the show.

One of the funnier moments was when I mentioned liking the purses and Greg wanted to take me over to an area he thought I might have missed that had a lot of purses. I hadn't seen it, but wasn't interested in any of them. Greg pointed to woven one with a design and joked, "But, Patsy, do you have an owl purse?" I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Sadly, I do."

These pins were my only purchases. I love them both. I miss the days of picking up things like this at garage sales for a couple of bucks.

People often ask if they were given to me by family, but none of them were. All the ones I have are ones I've picked up like this. But, I treasure them as if they were my grandmother's or mother's or aunt's prized beauties.

There were about 15 pins at the show I spotted that I would have LOVED to bring home with me. One of them I was really in love with, but when I tried to bargain with the dealer she was rather curt and I just said, "It's beautiful, but I'll have to pass... thank you." and went to another booth where they were happy to make me a deal on the amber colored pin. I understand if a dealer says, "I just can't come down on this..." or something like that. This lady was just not very pleasant. Hopefully the beautiful pin will find a new owner who will be a happier person than the dealer.

Greg went back in and bargained on the blue one for me. I had spotted it on Friday and fallen in love but was going to let it go. He's a master of bargaining - even when the show isn't closing - or in this case, closed.

Little things like this make me happy. Very, very happy. I'm such a lucky girl.

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Judith said...

My grandmother would have worn the amber gracefully and my mother would have opted for the blue. I knew you belonged to our family.