Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tea at the Brown Palace, Hula Girls and Hula Hoops

This afternoon I got to enjoy tea at the Brown Palace in Denver. It was one of the best tea experiences I've ever had. And, I've had tea at some of the places you are supposed to go have tea - like the Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada and Alice's in New York. Both of those are great, but the Brown Palace was spectacular. Loved the scones, they bring you extra sandwiches, and we left not needing to go have lunch or dinner. Great experience. Service was wonderful. Eveything was right.

Then we went to the modernism show where we watched Hula Dancers and then the Miss Modernism pageant.

First... Hula dancers... not something a person sees everyday.

During the pageant, one of the contestants - who ended up getting the second runner up position - mixed a martini, then drank it while hula hooping. There was some spilling. But it was great nonetheless. Frankly, if a person has enough martinis there will be some spilling. So, there you go.

I like for the days to have variety in them. Yesterday I was looking at rattlesnakes. Today I was looking at Hula Dancers.

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