Thursday, September 01, 2011

Overheard Conversation

Overheard conversation at Goodwill today:

Woman 1: Are you still at Lowen's?

Woman 2: They laid me off.

Woman 1: Hadn't you been there a long time?

Woman 2: 40 years.

Woman 1: No one has any loyalty anymore, do they?

Woman 2: No, I guess not... do you remember --- ---?

Woman 1: Yes.

Woman 2: They laid him off a few months ago too. He'd been there 41 years. What are you doing now?

There was more conversation but I wandered away and didn't hear it all, then I came back into earshot and heard:

Woman 2: Where will you be living in Zambia?

Woman 1: We'll be living in Angola and ministering to villages from there...


What struck me about this conversation was two things.

1. It's not common, everyday conversation to hear about people moving to Zambia.

2. Loyalty is such an interesting concept. I'm not sure what the age cutoff is, but older people expect it from employers and younger people don't. Logic indicates to me there's no reason to expect it, but it's obvious people do.

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Rob said...

I've been telling anyone who listens to me lately that the world of work is broken. This overhead conversation is at the heart of the reasons why. And going to another part of the world to serve is an option that is honoring to humanity.

Thanks for sharing.

Patsy Terrell said...

There's much I do not understand about the world of work!