Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Scenes

From Victoria, Kansas

From Carthage, Missouri

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Anonymous said...

Patsy, I've been wondering about you lately, how many Christmas Trees you put up this year. I remember how you always said how much you loved this season. I miss your commentary over on LJ. Hope you come back to visit there one day. And bring pictures of your Christmas Trees. I can always enjoy them vicariously that way.
Your old LJ friend, MarkMc03

Patsy Terrell said...

Hi Mark!

I was thinking about you just the other day, and wondering how you were doing. I haven't done my usual decorating for the past three years. I was ill in 2009 and recovering in 2010. Now I'm feeling great but other circumstances have kept me away from home most of the Christmas season this year, so it seemed a pity to do all that work and not get to enjoy it. However, I hope 2012 is a time for my "normal" trees in every room decorating. :) It's so nice to hear from you. I was just telling someone the other day about "this actor I got to know on LJ." I stopped posting there just because I don't have an app that will automatically do that anymore. I pop in occasionally and read, though. So nice to hear from you! I'm always here or at patsyterrell@gmail.com. :)