Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Dreams and Big Chances

I confess I'm a "Johnny come lately" to reality television, particularly "American Idol." This is the first year I've watched from the beginning.

Last year I became interested because of the addition of Steven Tyler. I happened to catch it and was just so impressed with what he had to say to contestants. Later I heard him interviewed and he said he had taken some flack for agreeing to do the show but thought part of entertainment was continuing to do new things. I really appreciate that mentality.

There is something so enthralling about watching people get a shot at their dreams. Of course, sometimes we see them leave the stage without those dreams fulfilled. But, they're getting a chance. And they're such big dreams. Big, big dreams.

How many people ever even get a shot at such big dreams?

No wonder we can't stop watching.
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