Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I had lunch with a friend today and we were discussing how people often need "permission" to do something they want to do. It's not something I feel very much, but I agreed that it's something many people do feel, and that it's important for people to get that permission if they need it.

During the conversation, it occurred to me that the reason this frustrates me is that we will never "catch up" as long as we keep raising more people who feel they need permission. How long will it take to tell every person who needs permission that they have it? Longer than the time we have available, because we keep making more people who feel they need permission.

We need a much broader, cultural change so people grow up knowing they can do whatever they want to do. (Of course, I mean within the confines of not hurting anyone else, etc. etc. etc.) She asked me the all important question: "How do you do that?" Of course, I had no idea.

But I do know there's something fundamentally wrong people believing they need permission to do what they want to do. Something is horribly amiss. People should naturally want to do what makes them happy.
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