Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arlo Guthrie at Hutchinson's Fox Theater

Arlo Guthrie was at Hutchinson's Fox Theater tonight. Aside from the music, there was a lot of philosophy mixed in, which I really liked.

He talked about songwriting quite a bit, and used a fabulous metaphor. He said songwriting is a bit like fishing. He just sits and waits for the songs, and they come along. Sometimes he misses ones meant for him because he's doing something other than fishing - he's watching TV or something - and someone else catches them.

What he didn't say, but is understood, is that some bait is involved, too.

I love that metaphor for creative work.

He played four different guitars and a keyboard tonight. His son, Abe, played keyboard throughout the show. His grandson, Krishna, played bass. Long time friend Terry Hall played drums.

Guthrie also talked about how places people visit repeatedly because of what happened there are changed by that - how everyone leaves a little piece of themselves anywhere they go. I agree with that. Every house and place has an energy to it that is created from all that happened there in the past.

I enjoyed the music tonight, but the philosophy even more.

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