Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank You Notes

I received a lovely thank you note today from Guy, who was the Taste of Home Cooking Show host. It was such a nice surprise.

Thank you notes are so rare anymore. I still like to write them, but the last time I was inspired to write one I couldn't locate a physical address to send it to. Our world has definitely changed. I ended up having to send an email, which lacks the same thrill.

Getting real mail is something I miss. My mailbox generally holds bills and magazines these days. I'm annoyed by the bills because I pay everything online and they're wasting paper sending me statements. The magazines have piled up lately without me finding time to enjoy them fully.

So it was a real treat to pull an envelope out of the mailbox with my name handwritten on it, and find a handwritten card inside. I'm sure it takes him a considerable amount of time to write notes to everyone who helps him. He does multiple shows in a row, and has 5-6 helpers at each one. He even included a mention of something indicating he knew who I was. Very impressive.

Those things do still matter. In fact, they might matter even more these days.

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