Wednesday, May 09, 2012

God Loves All People - Gay, Black and Unbelieving - And the Christians Who Ignore the Bible

People sometimes use God to justify their personal dislike of one person or another. The God I believe in loves all people. He does not pick and choose like a high school clique gone wrong. He loves black people. He loves gay people. He loves unbelieving people.

I will not accept a Biblical argument or explanation for anything unless that person is living by ALL of the Bible. I've always wondered how the flag-waving, constitution-thumping, conservative Christians reconcile that some of what the Bible teaches is unconstitutional. Personally, I'm anti-slavery, so this isn't an issue for me.

I'm also intelligent enough to understand that the Bible has been translated multiple times, and was written by mere men, and should not be taken literally. But, if you want to use it literally for argument's sake, you must live by all of it, not just the parts you happen to like. If that's not the case, you are being dishonest. I think there are a few words about that in the Bible, too.

The Bible has some wonderful teachings in it. What could possibly be wrong with the Golden Rule? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" shows up in most cultures and religions in one form or another. It's a basic truth - something we all know inherently - but something we all have trouble doing.

But the Bible teaches much, much more that isn't so clear cut. Only people who are living by ALL of it can use it as a yardstick by which to measure others. It seems like there's something about not judging people, too, but I digress.

If you are a woman who braids your hair and adorns yourself with gold or pearls - or if you lay with such a woman - you have no right to make any argument based on scripture. You are blatantly ignoring it. How dare you presume to use some other part of the Bible to justify your own hatred. Do your own dirty work and leave God out of it.

I am no one's idea of what a "good Christian" should be. But I do know the Bible tells us to be wise. I think it wise to not align myself with any person or group who hides behind God as a way to spread hatred.

That said, I know God loves all his children - even those who have lost their ways. I have certainly been blessed by forgiveness. My own foibles are too numerous to list. I would hope those who are quick to say something is right or wrong based on the Bible will take a moment to consider if they are truly living by all of the Bible before they use some part of it to justify judging another.

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