Thursday, May 03, 2012

My Social Media Day

I spent the day in a series of presentations about social media and best practices for using it. Although there's usually very little actual new information for me at such things, it's great to hear how other people define concepts. And, people always have new approaches to things, which they're generally happy to share.

There are folks at these events who are playing on a major field - like Jake, who represents Garmin. They have insight to share because they're experiencing things on a larger scale.

Meeting and connecting with other social media people at these events is always great. This was organized by Social: IRL, which does a fabulous job.

This was designed for non-profits, although there was terrific information for businesses too. Representatives from non-profits could attend for free. Ben, the organizer, really has a good heart, and wanted to give people a chance to come and learn without being limited by budget.

I was shocked at how many people left early. I realize sometimes people have conflicts they just have to work around, but when someone provides an opportunity like this for you, try to take advantage of it. I suppose it's the age-old conundrum, that people don't always value things they don't have to pay for. It's a pity, because this was really wonderful information and an event that would have easily cost $150 to attend.

It was held at the Kansas Humane Society, and some of my fellow attendees took home some new friends. Yes, some kitties and doggies got new homes today. Naomi took home two kittens.

How can you not love that kind of a day?


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YA Sleuth said...

I followed your Facebook notes on this event--very interesting.

And the kitten is adorable :-)

Patsy Terrell said...

Thanks... It was a great day. And I loved that those kitties have a new good home!