Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Puerto Rico Jungle

Lately I've been thinking about beautiful places on the planet. Puerto Rico came to mind and I went to find some of the photos from my visit there in July of 2005. Thought I'd share some with you...

These were all taken at El Yunque Rain Forest. These were taken from the top of  the Yokahu Observation Tower.

The tower looks ancient, but it was built in 1962. You can climb the 96 steps and look out where you get these beautiful views of the clouds and the plants and the mixing of the two.

None of these photos really captures how beautiful it is.

It was raining the day we were there, which gave the flowers a dewy look.

It rains a lot there - or at least it did during my visit - and I loved it. I couldn't resist getting some close ups of leaves with rain drops.

One of the things I love about the jungle is how lush everything is. What you don't get a sense of from these photos is that El Yunque is not very "wild." You'd have to get off the well beaten path and it's concrete to find those places. Unfortunately, I was with a whole group and no one wanted to do that so I missed that part.

But, there are beautiful things to see from that concrete.

I'm ready for another visit!

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