Friday, June 08, 2012

Barry Manilow in Wichita

Barry Manilow performed in Wichita Thursday night, and Greg and I went. The ticket prices were such that almost anyone who wanted to see him could have afforded to go. They were as low as $9.99. They also provided glow sticks, which I guess are common at Manilow concerts.

We were joking that Greg was expecting a truck show and was going to be very surprised when Manilow took the stage. But I think he had fun just seeing the stage, setup and all.

I'm not a huge Manilow fan, but we all know some of those songs. And I love his attitude. I heard him interviewed on a show a few years ago and the host asked, "Do you just think, 'Oh God, they want to hear "Mandy" again?'" Manilow said, "No, I think, 'Thank God, they want to hear "Mandy" again."

The glow sticks were cool to see throughout the arena.

The sets were very "broadway," but always interesting.

He told a really touching story about his grandfather taking him to a place in Times Square where you could record your own voice. It was a good show.
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