Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flowers of Silence

Hanging by my front door is a framed postcard I bought in France. Roughly translated, it says, "The words unspoken are the flowers of silence." I have it there to remind me to watch my words as I go out into the world. The old adage about the tongue not being tamed certainly applies to me, although I am much better than I used to be.

These days, as communication happens in so many ways other than out in the world, I may have to make myself another reminder. Perhaps I need one in my office as well. Taming my fingers is sometimes as much of a struggle as taming my tongue - sometimes more.

I know others experience the same thing at times. Sometimes I'm dealing the snarkiness, and sometimes I'm the recipient of it. My initial reaction when I'm on the receiving end is to respond. But, I'm trying to just hold my tongue/fingers and let it go.

One of my rules for living used to be, "Let it go. Let it be. Let it lie." This seems an apropos time to reinstate that rule.

Now, if only I can do that.

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