Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Divinity in State Fair

This afternoon I took a batch of divinity out to enter into the Kansas State Fair. I almost missed it.

First I nearly missed the deadline for registering, saying you wanted to enter. I saw someone mention it on Facebook.

Then, I was thinking I'd drop it off Thursday night since the fair starts Friday. But, last night while I was still in Joplin, I saw a friend mention getting her fair entry ready. This prompted me to start searching for info on the details.

I had none.

So, I emailed.

This morning, in the midst of finishing a grant and working on other projects, I realized it had to be there today. By 7 p.m. On a day I was frantically busy.

But, I got it done. I only had time to make one batch, and I didn't have any pecans to go in it and no time to go get some, so it will have to do. The texture was nice.

Hopefully the judges will appreciate the classics.

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1 comment:

Judith Robl said...

It looks wonderful!!!