Monday, September 24, 2012

Fair Divinity Pix

I didn't realize there was a cash prize that came with the divinity entry at the state fair. But, I am now the recipient of a $6 check, to go with the red ribbon. I'm debating if I should cash it or keep it as a souvenir. (Yes, I know, this is the very definition of a "first world problem.")

I was lucky enough that last Friday of the fair when I got a chance to go to the Domestic Arts Building to run into Brian Lingle, a local photographer, who snapped this photo of me with the divinity.

So darned handy to know those photographers!

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Peg Nichols said...

The only other person I ever knew who knew how to make divinity was my mother. It was very hard to coax her into making divinity, she always had some reason why, primarily that you can't make divinity in humid weather. Every time I tried to wheedle, she would say the humidity wasn't right.

Patsy Terrell said...

I recently tried to make some when it was humid and it didn't set up as well. It stayed a little sticky. But I kind of like to make it. :) Maybe just because it took me so long to learn!