Saturday, October 06, 2012

Wiley Building

While Greg and I were having breakfast downtown last weekend I noticed these beautiful pink roses outside the window. At some point I went out to get a photograph of them in the dew. I waited a little too long, but in the process of trying to capture the flower, I took a photo that showed a bit of the Wiley Building in the background. I liked the idea, so took another that showed more of the building.

The Wiley Building is a landmark downtown, but is owned by someone who doesn't seem to want to maintain it, and it now has no tenants. It's one of the largest buildings downtown, and I think most locals don't perceive how much would be missing if it weren't there.

As I was running around doing errands on Saturday, this point was reinforced multiple times. First was this photo. Then, as I was coming back from the Farmer's Market I noticed the reflection of the Wiley Building in the First National Bank building.

I decided to go take a photo of the actual Wiley Building.

And as I drove past, I couldn't help but notice its reflection in yet another window. This time on a white van with Oklahoma plates.

If you want to see some really cool photos of the inside, check out Greg's post here.

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marlu said...

I absolutely love your pictures of the Wiley building. From one of many who remember the tea room (we had our senior banquet there) the mezzanine, the elevator with operators, all the dentist, doctors, lawyers and the grain board - we miss it being used!!! (My verifcation word is PHOPTO)

Patsy Terrell said...

I'm so sorry I missed the tea room era! I would so love to have a place like that to go for lunch. I would be a regular patron!