Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Still Sick

I am still sick. I get better and feel pretty normal and then I'm worse. I spent half of yesterday in bed and the same today. I just can't seem to shake this and it's a little nothing infection. But it has sure knocked me on my butt. I haven't spent this much time in bed sick in years. My doc is out on Wednesdays but tomorrow I'm calling for more antibiotics - one prescription is not going to be enough, obviously.

I'm supposed to go to Kentucky for a family reunion this weekend, but if I don't feel better I don't think I can drive for 12 hours. I'll just have to see how I feel.

Yesterday I had breakfast with Greg and did some more work on the flower bed. It's looking pretty nice. I think it needs a couple more pink geraniums and then I'm pronouncing it officially done. I bought some mulch the other day. I'm going to use that and hope it keeps the weeds at bay.

I do have a couple of things to plant around the corner of the house, yet, but overall it's about done. I'm putting in some pink honeysuckle to go with the other I planted last year. I know some hate it, but I love it.

I had a board meeting last night and could barely talk during it. Alternately, I sound pretty normal and then the gunk shifts and I sound awful. Greg and I met at Skaets late in the day for moon burgers. For some reason, Greg gets annoyed about me taking his photo a few dozen times while he's eating.

Today has been a frustrating day. I had an electrician here most of the day and very little got accomplished. I need to find someone who deals with old houses, specifically. I also had the floor guy here today. I'm on his schedule so it will be good to get that done. So many things have to happen before then. Sometimes I feel like I can't keep all the balls juggled all the time.

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