Monday, June 20, 2005


Today was the garden tour to raise money for the MHA. We had a dry day, but it was HOT. But, things went well.

This was one of the houses this year - this garden is all geared toward birds and butterflies. It's a really neat place - a little north of town.

She has hummingbirds, which are somewhat unusual in Kansas. We're right on the edge of their migration pattern. She also has tons of butterflies.

Trish was the board member in charge there. I'm so fortunate that my board members are willing to pitch in for such events. When you're a one person staff, you have to have help.

I was just worn out - I guess from all the work getting ready for the tour. Anyway, I've been pretty droopy - not feeling bad - just worn out.

Greg and I went to Chilis for dinner. I'm not impressed with them. I've been four times since they opened and three of those times I've had to send part of my food back because it was cold. I don't mean a little cool, I mean cold. To top it off, the front desk staff rubs me the wrong way - a little too full of themselves. Seem to believe they're really cute or smart or powerful or something. Honey, trust me, you ain't all that.

Tonight I planted more flowers in the front. Goodness knows what this will look like - I've planted half of it in the dark. But, it's too hot during the day to be doing it. I'm close to having in everything I've bought so far. I think tomorrow I'll be able to look at it in the daylight and see what few things I'm missing and maybe get those in. Then, I guess, it's time for mulch - not something I've ever done.

I love being a home owner, but I remember a time when I didn't think about things like mulch or devote internet time to reading about attic vents.


HermanTurnip said...

Let's hear it for being a homeowner! I myself bought a new house eight months ago, and I really enjoy things like cutting the grass and hunting down weeds. It really solidifies the feeling of ownership :)

Patsy Terrell said...

I've had this house for a little over three years and it's a work in progress for sure. But I love having my own home - despite it's difficulties at times.