Sunday, July 24, 2005

Altrusa in Puerto Rico

I was in Puerto Rico last week for the Altrusa International Convention. Four people from our group went, which seems like a good showing.

This is a photo taken with some of the International officers and our group.

Left to right front row is Judy Atkinson who was the International President from 2003-2005, Lois Johnson from our local group, Peggy Hughes who's in our club and is also the Governor elect for our district. In the back row is Jan Blick, our local club president, Linda Nichols the International President for 2005-2007, Maureen Welch, International Treasurer for 2003-2005 and me.

I went a couple of days early to Puerto Rico so I will have more photos to share. It's a tropical paradise, as one might expect.

The conference was at the Westin Rio Mar, a very upscale resort about an hour's drive west of San Juan. But the first couple of days I stayed at the Excelsior Hotel in San Juan. It's recommended in all these Puerto Rico travel things as a great business class hotel but the travelers reviews were very mixed. I decided to just take some pix of my room as soon as I arrived and post them so anyone thinking about staying there in the future can decide for themselves.

I also ate at Augusto's, supposedly one of the finest restaurants on the island, that is at the Excelsior. The food was great, and the service the typical ass-kissing kind you find in a place like that. I'd rather have paid half as much and just had normal service. It was good, but overpriced - even with the ass kissing.

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