Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy 50th Anniversary Clyde and Anne

Today was the 50th Anniversary celebration for Clyde and Anne Stevens.

July 6, 1957

July 6, 2007

I stopped by the car dealership this afternoon to say hello and wish them well. Jackie and Kim and Kent and Lisa had celebrated with them today with a lunch and they had lots of well wishers dropping by.

Anne was showing me their wedding album, her book where she noted various things about the engagement and wedding.

I think my favorite part of the book was where she noted all the gifts they received and in true southern girl fashion, the date she sent the thank you note.

I even found my own name on its pages. There was another Patsy Terrell who was a classmate of theirs. I don't run across a lot of other Patsys, much less Patsy Terrells, so it jumped out at me.

They also had the 1957 Ballard Memorial Annual, The Bomb. (We're "The Bombers," a reference to a nearby plant that made - you're ahead of me, right - bombs.) Appropriately enough, tonight was a class reunion celebration, too, so they had a very full day.

I happend across Patsy's photo in it.

Anne was kind enough to give me permission to share some of their photos. I just took digital pix of their wedding album, so they're not the best, but you can get the idea. I think my favorite was this one of her cousins and her - it's just such a nice moment.

Anne's mother made her wedding gown, which was beautiful.

She joked that in this one it looks like she's pulling on his arm. But, as I pointed out, he doesn't look at all unhappy about it.

Clyde and Anne already celebrated by taking the whole family to Las Vegas. That's what they wanted to do and so they all went a few weeks ago. But, today was THE actual day and it looks like they had a fabulous time.

They are wonderful folks. The kind of folks you're proud to call family.

Congratulations Clyde and Anne!!!

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