Saturday, July 07, 2007


This morning was the parade in Barlow, Kentucky for Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church where Jackie and Mary Ann go. Jackie drove the tractor and wagon he made in this morning's parade. His passengers are Lori Ann Oldham and daughter, Jenna.

This was the tractor's fourth appearance in parades. During LaCenter's Do Wop days a few weeks ago, my other brother, Jim drove it. Passengers that day were Jackie and Jim's grandson, Alex.

This morning Mary Ann rode in the parade, too. That's her friend, Janice in the back.

No parade is complete without a firetruck, and today's was no exception.

I may not have ever mentioned before, but my brother, Jackie, is very handy. He invents many things. He builds many things. He has lots of cool toys.

Today I got to experiment with a nail gun - actually, two nail guns. I didn't let them take photos because my glee was unearthly. I love power tools of all sorts.

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