Monday, May 12, 2008

Minge Mansion in Waterville Kansas

Some friends and I were recently in Waterville, Kansas, during Victorian Days and got to tour the Minge mansion. It's absolutely gorgeous with hand painted ceilings accented with hand carved plaster.

The plaster and hand decorated walls in this room coordinated with the stained glass.

I think my favorite ceiling was in the first room as you walked in.

The floors were also incredible.

The owner stripped off multiple layers of paint to reveal beautiful walls and ceilings.

This was in the dining room.

The landing upstairs seemed a lovely place to sit.

Upstairs there was some furniture that really struck me. This bed was covered with a spread Alan Minge's grandmother hand crocheted.

This settee still has the original upholstery.

This was the corner of the ceiling in the master bedroom.

I loved this little chair.

I absolutely loved this house. The restoration work that had been done was extraordinary. Stunning.

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