Sunday, May 11, 2008

T-shirt Wisdom

The other night at Skaets I spotted a girl wearing a T-shirt with this written on the back: "Manhattan Kansas: A town where everyone scores except the basketball team."

That seems a bit harsh toward the team and I'm guessing it doesn't make parents paying for a college education swell with pride either.

Being a University of Kentucky grad I'm able to stay neutral in the whole KU (University of Kansas in Lawrence) vs. KSU (Kansas State University in Manhattan) rivalry. Seems to me it would make sense to support KSU football and KU basketball since that's where they seem to excel. But, hey, I'm not a big sports fan so it's all beyond me.

My beloved UK Wildcats did not have the best season. I was able to enjoy KU's win of the NCAA championship. It was an exciting game. Apparently this young lady was not very happy with KSU's performance however.

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