Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hummingbirds Eat Mimosa Nectar at Sunset

I'm not seeing enough of hummingbirds eating nectar from mimosa trees at sunset. I'm not seeing nearly enough of that, and a hundred other things like it. Something is definitely wrong with how I'm living my life.

Maybe that's the downfall of having lots of different experiences. You're always longing for something you once had that you want more of. At the same time, because you've learned the world is full of possibilities, you also want new experiences. Unfortunately, whatever choice we make for any given moment, we're saying "no" to every other possibility.

I suspect some people never consider the nectar they're missing. Sometimes I think life would be easier if I didn't, but that's not who I am. With every moment of life that slips by I'm intensely aware of its possibilities - realized and squandered.

But the moments I spent watching hummingbirds eat nectar from mimosa trees at sunset this evening were well-spent. Every day needs more moments that are life well-lived.

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