Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Glasses

I have new glasses, which I desperately needed. My others, which supposedly had no coatings on them, are flaking off something on them - a coating of some sort, obviously - and it was like looking through a continual fog. I was also very tired of the frames. (And, no, I don't know why I keep taking pictures of myself after having washed my makeup off and then posting them on the world wide web.)

I've been on the hunt for some really cool frames. As far as I can tell, such things are simply not manufactured any more. I've looked at more than a dozen brick and mortar businesses that specialize in frames, in four different communities. I've looked at a half dozen places online at least.

The need eventually outpaced the desire for something really cool that I really loved. I settled for something I really, really, really liked, that's far more ordinary than I would have preferred. But, so it goes. I'll keep looking and maybe I'll run into something more cool/fun/interesting. In the meantime, I can see much better, which is fabulous.

I got two pair. These are a burgundy color, and I do really love the color. The others are a tortise shell. I'll get pix of those eventually too. Picking out frames is supposed to be a fun experience. This was drudgery, but I can see so much better so that's cool.

In other news I'm happy to be able to blog again. I couldn't get onto blogger for a couple of nights. The second night they said there were access issues in certain parts of the country. That was, needless to say, my part of the country. But, earlier today all seems to have been resolved so normal blogging should resume.

Now that I can see better, maybe I'll write better!

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