Friday, January 28, 2011

Adrienne Beasley on American Idol

I have seen a little bit of American Idol this year, but not much. Overall, I'm loving Steven Tyler.

I missed it, but last night one of the contestants was Adrienne Beasley - the daughter of my high school algebra teacher. And she was fabulous - Steven Tyler said so - and I heard it on youtube today.

I don't know Adrienne, and haven't seen her dad since I graduated school many years ago, but it was really neat to hear her say she was from Wickliffe, Kentucky - the county seat of the place where I grew up. They did a profile on her, showing scenes of the farm and interviewing her parents. They adopted her when she was two - she's 22 now. She was moved talking about all they've done for her. A great story.

I'll be rooting for her. Very cool. She made western Kentucky proud! Even for those of us who haven't lived in Western Kentucky for a very long time.

And what Freddie Simmons doesn't know, but I should probably write him a note and tell him, is that I still use algebra. Whenever I have to figure out anything mathematical I put it in an algebraic form. Music and math do go together.

Congratulations, Adrienne!

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