Friday, January 28, 2011

A Love Affair With Words

I've had a long term love affair with words. Before I could write them, I liked to listen to them. Conversation wafting through the open window of my bedroom lulled me to sleep many nights when I was a child.

Even after I could write words I still liked to listen to them. Still, nothing is more enticing then a real conversation with someone.

I've always made my living with words. I've earned my keep by speaking them on the radio and writing them on the page. When I wasn't saying or writing the words, I was listening to other people using them.

Along the way I've collected words from dictionaries, books, and conversations. One of the reasons I love the written word so much is that it can be enjoyed over and over again.

I don't see this love affair ever ending. It seems detined to continue to grow.

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