Friday, January 07, 2011


Yesterday when I got the mail as soon as I got home I found my $100 rebate check from Sprint for the EVO I bought in November. I came in and proceeded to do some things around the house. One of the things I did was put some laundry in to wash. Unfortunately, I did that without taking said EVO out of the pocket.

So, when I realize this - after it has gone through a full wash cycle - it is too late to salvage it. It's dead. Very dead.

This morning I called Sprint and spoke to the manager locally to ask if he had any advice for me. He suggested putting it in rice, which I had already done. He asked what happened and I said, "uhhh... is this the part where I'm supposed to lie to you about what I did?" We both laughed and then I told him the story.

Fortunately, I have insurance on the phone and I'll have a new one in a few days. Deductible on the insurance? $100. How can you not love the irony of that?

I'm very displeased with myself. In all the years I've had a cell phone I've never had to use the insurance. But, fortunately, I had it on this phone because it would cost a lot more to replace without it.

They very kindly helped me get an old phone operating. I sold them my last phone in November when I got the EVO. So, I had to go back to the phone I had before that. I feel like I'm in the dark ages, although when I got it, it was quite wonderful. But, I can talk on the phone and read email (with effort) but answering is not easily done. Some letters on this keyboard don't work - like "w," which made telling people I was in Wichita this afternoon somewhat difficult.

Overall, it's a blip. People have far, far, far worse problems. I was just stupid and it is costing me $100. Being stupid sometimes costs us far more than that so I'll just be thankful I squeaked by with nothing more than an outlay of cash.

But, with that in mind, I'd best go write something someone will pay me for!


Barbara said...

I understand perfectly! I had to spend $356 recently because the stupid woman driving ahead of me just wasn't going fast enough, so I cut a parking lot corner too short...ruined a tire...but it took TWO tires to make it right again. Don't beat yourself up...I did enough for both of us!!!

Patsy Terrell said...

I decided there was no point in crying over spilled milk or soaked phones! But I am taking it as a warning that I need to stop trying to do so much in every day so I have more brain power to devote to managing life. How to do that and still make extra money I'm still working on. :)