Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weather Whining

For days I've been hearing the weekend weather forecast of snow, cold, and - in general - the sky is falling. So this morning I bundle up and do things I just have to do - like wrestle the recycling bin up to the house. Outside things. Cold things. I shop. I run errands.

At my last stop I come out to discover the sun is shining, the wind has died and it's quite pleasant. I didn't even wear a coat while unloading the car.

Would have been nice for someone to mention this afternoon was going to be early spring-like. I would have waited to do those unpleasant outdoor tasks, instead of rushing to get them done this morning.

I'm not sure if my fingers will ever be warm again. Perhaps I should go put them in a patch of sunshine. The sunshine I'm not supposed to be seeing. That sunshine.


Blondi Blathers said...

I hardly ever trust the weather forecast anymore. It seems to be way off, more often than not. Glad to hear you've had some sunshine!

Patsy Terrell said...

You'd think I'd learn, too. But I seem to be a little hard headed in that regard. It's supposed to get bad tomorrow, so I wanted to prepare today. It's quite pleasant right now, which it wasn't supposed to be. So, we could have the 9 inches of snow predicted - or warm sunshine - time will tell.