Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Practice to Give a Little Something Extra

I recently ordered some audio equipment from BSW and when I unpackaged it found this on the top of the contents. It's just a little card, thanking me for my order, with a piece of candy stapled to it.

It didn't cost them much to do, even accounting for someone stapling the candy onto the card. But it left an impression on me. Did I need a piece of candy? No. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely.

As a public relations person, I have to say they did a couple of things that are brilliant.
1. They surprised me. From my years of reading about the brain and how it's structured, I know that surprise gives us reason to remember something in a different way.
2. They gave me a little some extra. Yeah, it's a piece of candy, but who doesn't like a piece of candy?
3. They chose a somewhat unusual kind of candy. I'll now have a nice association between the two.

And, ultimately, here I am writing about it. So, there's a little more proof that it worked.

It reminded me that giving people a little something extra in a surprising way is very good practice. Now to find ways to implement that into daily life.


Jill said...

Absolutely. Better to over deliver, even if it is just by a piece of candy than not perform to expectation. Under promise and Over deliver. Plus it's Almond Roca. Hello :)

Patsy Terrell said...

I was impressed with myself that I waited until I took a photo before I snarfed it!